Q. Do you conduct property inspections? How can I be sure that everything is always in order?

A. We conduct formal inspections every three months and send photos directly to your inbox. However, our cleaners keep us informed of the state of the property on a weekly basis and if they voice any concerns we follow up immediately. And of course, Your Street's
staff carry out informal inspections every time they visit a property, whether it is for a viewing or to check a gas meter. If you wish, we can arrange for you to periodically inspect the property yourself to make sure you are happy with the way we are managing things.

Q. How is maintenance of the property managed?

A. As the landlord, you will be responsible financially for the usual things a landlord is responsible for. However, as the manager of the property, we’ll do most of the legwork. We will always provide you with a quote prior to carrying out any work and we will arrange access so you do not have to get involved. Routine and anticipated things like gas safety certificates shall be organised by us; we’ll handle the logistics, and pass through the expense (currently £80 + VAT).

Q. I know a tradesman that I trust. Can you use them?

A. Absolutely. If you have a tradesman or builder that you know or trust, we are happy to use your contractors to carry out works on your property; all we ask is that they are legally certified and fully insured.

Q. What if residents cause damage?

A. Yes. Remember, we’re your proxy tenant. So if something happens at the property that is deemed to be the fault of our tenants (e.g., a broken window) then we will cover the cost ourselves. If we believe the problem is beyond the scope of our responsibility (e.g., the boiler breaks down), we will call you and let you know the problem and propose options for solving it.

Q. How do you find and evaluate potential tenants?

A. For over a number of years we have built relationships with well-known companies, relocation agents and recruitment consultants who approach us to find accommodation for their staff. We advertise via our website, online and in print and also receive many referrals via previous and current tenants. We also conduct thorough reference checks which include:

  • Previous landlord reference
  • Proof of address via a bank statement or utility bill
  • Proof of employment (including their employment contract or payslips)
  • Take a copy of their passport in the office (in line with right to rent regulations)
  • Visa check (if applicable)

Q. Aren't most of your tenants just irresponsible students?

A. No – but we get that question a lot. Our tenants are professionals usually in their mid-20s and 30s - we also have some postgraduate and mature students. If you’re afraid we’ll turn your house into a dormitory, we can promise you that won’t happen - we limit the number of
tenants living at a property. (You will find some testimonials on our website for further assurance).

Q. What if someone moves out?

A. It is completely our responsibility to keep properties occupied. Whether full or vacant we still pay the full rent on time every month.

Q. What if a resident is locked out or loses their keys?

A. That will not be anything you will ever have to deal with while we manage your property. Tenants will call us if they are locked out or lose their keys and we will organise replacements. Again, this is a primary benefit of having Your Street as your sole tenant rather than having to manage the property yourself day-to-day.

KIES nu waar dit gedrag van jouw het meest dichtbij komt.  

A Vechten, actie, doorzetten of het aangaan, ervoor gaan.

B Controleren, oriënteren, aanpassen,bevriezen of wordt je voorzichtig ga je oriënteren, onderzoeken.

C Vermijden , vluchten, vergeten of juist vasthouden en niet loslaten.

Stress is vaak het gevolg van je perceptie van de situatie.

Helaas is zeggen dat het er niet is niet wil zeggen dat het er ook niet is.

Het gaat niet over wat je wilt geloven of wat je bewust gelooft.

Het gaat om wat je onbewust gelooft.

1 Als dit gedrag niet een logische gevolg op je denken is zit er waarschijnlijk ook nog een andere gedachte bij.

2 Als dit gedrag je opgedrongen wordt of een verslaving is vraag dan iemand om hulp.

3 Wanneer je gedrag te maken heeft met een verslaving, beschrijf dan het gewenste resultaat van je verslaving bij wens.

Bijvoorbeeld de uitwerking van drugs en wat je ervaart als je het gebruikt.

Let wel ... Drugs zijn niet je probleem...

Drugs gebruiken is hoe je omgaat met je probleem.

Alles wat je moet doen om je goed te voelen zou je verslaving kunnen noemen. Alleen is de ene verslaving sterker aangeleerd en schadelijker dan de andere.

En wanneer er eenmaal een snelweg in je brein gecreëerd is wordt het steeds moeilijker om de zandweg te nemen..

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